Founder of Roots & Rituals, Karishma Mahtani, is a great believer in the healing powers of the natural world and, in particular, the traditional Indian wisdom that can be learned and applied to our own Western beauty rituals. Born in Morocco, Karishma went on to live in India for a period of time, before moving to Spain and then England, where she earned a degree in Medical Biochemistry. Her qualifications led her to work for some of the top pharmaceutical companies, where she was heavily exposed to an excess of low-quality, synthetic products. Seeing this side of the industry inspired her to create a totally natural range of haircare products instead – one that was effective, luxurious and not filled with any harsh ingredients.

Karishma embarked on a journey that spanned the continents, to develop a luxurious range of products that would blend tradition with science, to synergise the knowledge of the ancient East with the modern West. This journey let to the birth of Roots & Rituals.

Inspiration from the eternal insight of Ayurveda and experience working with both Estee Lauder and a number of high end SPA’s had given Karishma a special insight into the health and beauty world. She knew that Roots & Rituals had to exceed all products that were already available. The formula had to offer the ultimate sensual experience, combining relaxing, natural aromas with the therapeutic powers of age-old ingredients – and so began a voyage of research into the finest methods and ingredients for those seeking the ultimate quality in a product inspired by nature.

“At the core of Roots & Rituals is the desire to remain true to the soothing, balancing traditions of the East. We have sourced the perfect blend of balancing oils, to create a potent treatment that is 100% natural, highly-effective and contains nothing other than nature’s finest ingredients.” Karishma

Thus Roots & Rituals were born to enrich our daily lives with their innovative 3-step haircare products and process…oil, heat and treat. The superior oils and herbs within the products are expertly formulated to support our hair follicles at a cellular level and to provide intensive hydration. Combined with the patented heated hair towel and a reconstructive hair mask, this trio offers the ultimate treat for your hair.

To shop the Roots & Rituals Collection, please visit www.rootsandrituals.co.uk

*Please note, The Roots & Rituals hair oil is currently sold out. We have been advised that it will be back in stock on 10th June 2017*

A note from our Creative Director

I have been using Roots & Rituals products for 3 weeks now and have already experienced a HUGE difference in how my hair looks and feels. I have grown new strands of hair that have reached 10 cm in just 2 weeks! The nourishing hair oil and heated towel are my favourite. I recommend leaving the hair oil in over night for maximum results. Thank you Roots & Rituals for introducing me to haircare heaven! Roots & Rituals is now a permanent part of my beauty regime.


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