I have been colouring my hair for years and so I am always on the look out for a luscious deep conditioning treatment. I have tried so many creams and masks which left my hair feeling soft until the next wash. However, the Roots & Rituals natural hair care range did something for my hair which, in my opinion, even salon products could not do.

Roots & Rituals is a company created by a lovely lady called Karishma. She found a lot of hair care products had a lot of artificial ingredients. Karishma said: “We expose our hair not only to harmful chemicals, but we also straighten, curl, colour and bleach our hair much more frequently.”

Karishma is a qualified medical biochemist with more than eight years experience of working if top pharmaceutical companies, so she really knows her stuff. 

She said: “The ultimate objective is to give our crowning glory a break by providing deep nourishment to hair and scalp using effective natural ingredients – hair care as nature intended.” That’s where the oil and conditioner comes in.

Alongside the Deep Conditioning Oil and Conditioner the kit contains a purple heated towel and this is what helps make the magic happen. Roots & Rituals‘ products are created with coconut, olive and acocado oils. 

This is because they penetrate through the hair easily and that is what gives that deep nourishment which is great for dry and damaged hair. 

The first step is to apply the oil and wrap your hair up in the towel which heats up. I had my towel on for 45 minutes. The next step is to wash your hair using a clarifying shampoo to make sure all the oil has been washed out. Finally use the conditioner to really boost shine. The whole process is just super relaxing and the different steps makes the routine feel like more of a treat.

Brushing my hair out afterwards was a breeze, no more knots and tangles, my hair felt sleek and smooth without being weighed down. The list of ingredients in the oil alone is impressive. It includes almond, sesame, argan, basil, amla, olive, avocado, hibiscus, abyssinian and coconut oils. 

The heated towel gives the treatment an added boost and helps the oil really sink into the hair. The towel costs £69.99. The conditioner costs £6.49 and the oil costs £15.99. At the moment there are plans to amend the packaging and the viscosity of the conditioner. This is what the new packaging will look like, personally I much prefer this packaging to the bottle, it looks more luxurious  and I love the gold and brown detailing. 

Find Roots and Rituals on Twitter @rootsnrituals and on Facebook and their website https://rootsveda.com/index.php



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