I was kindly gifted these to try out by Roots & Rituals, I originally met the brand at the London Fashion Week for bloggers but sadly they ran out of stock on the night.  I’m glad they follow up though, as I’m very much in love with both of these products.

The Deep Conditioning Hair Oil retails at £15.99 for 100ml, which is more than enough to last for quite some time.  You can get a 100ml sample of the Conditioner for £6.49, I tend to use this as a weekly deep condition.

Below is a Before/After shot.  Sadly my hair has become quite damaged with all the bleaching and repeated dying.  On the left you can clearly see how frizzy and fluffy it had become.  I’ve also been having issues with a dry scalp and flaking, not ideal!  I applied the oil, mostly to my scalp to start with – focusing on the very dry areas at the back of my head.  Then I worked the oil through the rest of my hair, again making sure to give the ends of my hair a good coating.  Once coated, I twisted my hair up in a bun and put a shower cap over the top, leaving it to soak for about 3 hours.  I’ll often pop this on in the morning before cleaning the flat.

I just rinsed the oil out, washed my hair and applied the conditioner to the bottom two thirds of my hair and left it on while I washed.  Afterwards you can see my hair is less frizzy and definitely less fluffy.  Although it’s not as sleek as it could be, it’s a massive improvement.  My hair feels silky, whereas before it was verging on feeling more like straw.  My scalp has also been getting much better.  I have also tried leaving the oil over night with wonderful results.  The next day I badgered my poor husband to feel how soft my hair was, I was seriously impressed.

Before and After Hair Oil

There is a strong fragrance to both the oil and conditioner, both are made up from various oils so the scent reminds me of multiple essential oils.  I love the scent, it smells quite luxurious which makes it even more of a treat to use!  I try to use the oil at least once a fortnight and the conditioner once a week.  I thoroughly enjoy these products and would definitely recommend checking them out.

You can check out the video below if you’d like to see how I’ve applied the oil.  Thank you for reading!


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