Today I am going to review Roots & Rituals Deep Conditioning Hair Oil – £15.99 which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. Roots & Rituals is a new hair care brand based in the UK. Focused on natural products inspired by the traditional ritual of hair oiling, they provide products free from SLS, silicone, mineral oils, parabens and artificial fragrance that repair and hydrate the hair. This nourishing hair oil contains pure and carefully selected ancient hair oils to create effective ritual for both hair and scalp. It is infused with Coconut, Olive and Avocado which penetrate deeply into the hair shaft to lock in moisture. It also has Amla, Almond and Sesame oils which nourish and hydrate the scalp to help promote optimal hair growth. Argan, hibiscus and basil oils condition and repair the cuticle. It is infused with the exquisite scent of patchouli, ylang-ylang and rosemary oil that unfolds like a bouquet of freshly cut flowers to create a sheer spa-like experience.

I am all about the hair oils, and I especially use hair oils for a deep conditioning before I wash my hair. I just put quite bit of this hair oil on my dry hair and massage it in using circular motions. And then leave the oil on the hair for 30-40 minutes. Roots & Rituals suggests wrapping a warm towel around the hair to help aid the penetration of the product. Roots & Rituals have a heated towel too, for more information click here. What I do is, wet my normal size towel into hot(not too hot) water and squeeze extra water and wrap damp towel around my hair. Alternatively, if you have severely dry hair, you can leave the oil in overnight. You then need to remove the oil with the Roots & Rituals Shampoo and follow-up with the Conditioner. I don’t have Roots & Rituals shampoo or conditioner so I use my regular shampoo and conditioner. With the towel, I leave it for about an hour and it is quite easy to wash off which is always good. It leaves my hair feeling super soft and more manageable. It also adds gorgeous shine to my hairs and looks more healthy. I have used this hair oil about three times since I got it and you only need a small amount for your whole hair.

If you have super dry hair you should check out Roots & Rituals Deep Conditioning Hair Oil that puts back new life into your hair. If you don’t have enough time to visit spas to treat yourself don’t worry Roots and Rituals makes it possible with this amazing at-home treatment that brings the spa experience directly to your door.

So what do you think about Roots & Rituals Deep Conditioning Hair Oil? How do you take care of your hair? Do you regularly visit spas for hair treatment?

You can buy Roots & Rituals Deep Conditioning Hair Oil from their website here.

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