Hair Care Routine & Home Spa Treatment with Roots and Rituals

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Head massage is something really popular in the households in the subcontinent, and this hair care tradition draws back to over four decades. Generally, the grandmothers use this technique to offer a relaxing spa like experience to the family members which also promotes optimal hair growth with the nutritious ingredients used to prepare the oil either made at home using the important ingredients that boost hair growth and health or by purchasing it from the stores. 

I can clearly remember the times when my grandmother and mother used to apply pure coconut oil to my hair and used to give me head massages when I was a child. The idea was to promote hair growth and to make it thick and stronger. Although I’m  blessed with beautiful long hair, my mum even used to make oil at home, combining  the best ingredients. I still have long and healthy hair but it was after giving birth to BabyN’ that I discovered hair fall, which has greatly reduced now as ‘that’ phase is over but still I can sense some hair shedding at times. Although there has been a huge decline in the number of times I oil my hair annually, I still used to do it with olive oil until I was sent the Roots & Rituals hair care products to try. 

hair care routine with roots and rituals

The Roots and Rituals products have been created by Kharishma, a medical biochemist who wanted to come up with natural hair care solutions and that’s when she created her own range of luxurious hair care products using the most natural ingredients to nourish all hair types. The 10 essential oils including the almond, sesame, argan, avocado, hibiscus, basil, amla, olive, coconut and Abyssinian oil not just hydrates the hair but also nourishes them, to ensure that they look radiant. Some of the benefits of the hair oil include repair of dry or damaged hair, promotes hair growth, combats hair discolouration and to rejuvenate scalp and hair. The natural, silicon, mineral and artificial fragrance free ingredients such as rosemary leaves hair shiny, smooth and healthy giving the user a spa like experience. 


The Roots & Rituals hair oil comes in an amazing 100 ml squeezy bottle so it’s easier to let the oil out.  I apply the Roots and Rituals nourishing hair oil on the scalp gently massaging in circular motions. Once done, I apply the oil on the rest of the hair too. The bottle also advises to cover up the hair with a warm towel to let the oil penetrate through the hair for 30-40 minutes. However, you can also apply the oil overnight if your hair is really dry. You can also warm up a normal towel and wrap it around the head. I either place it on the radiator  or warm it up with an iron, but if you want, you can also purchase the hot towel from Roots and Rituals. 

Hair Care Routine with Roots and Rituals

Hair Care Routine with Roots and Rituals


Use your regular shampoo and wash the hair with warm water. Once washed, drain the water and apply the hair mask from the mid length of the hair till the ends. You can read about some hair care tips, the practice you should adopt when conditioning the hair and advice from a hair care expert I shared in a previous post, that has tips on how to condition your hair, here. After one to two minutes, simply wash the hair with warm water.  For best results, use the oil at least once a week, and let it work on it’s magic! The oil however, doesn’t washes off completely in just wash but I prefer not to wash it more than once because once it dries, it doesn’t seem apparent. Moreover, I’ve also observed that since the hair oil has quite a strong scent, it remains until I wash the hair again. 

roots and rituals hair mask


My mother has been oiling my hair ever since I was born, and I’ve also inherited black, long and beautiful hair from my ancestors. When I was younger, she used to oil my hair every week but ever since I became independent (read: got married), I didn’t oil my hair much. However, the Roots and Rituals hair oil just reminds me of the hair oil my mum used to make and that’s because the scent is slightly the same.  Just with the first use of the hair oil and the mask, I could feel the difference touching my hair as it felt silkier, softer and shinier. I’ve now used it a couple of times, so I can say that it’s a good find but I’ll post an  update regarding the reduction in hair fall in a month’s time. 

The deep conditioning hair oil (£16.99) and hair mask (£14.99) can be purchased from Roots and Rituals separately or in a hair spa combo (£31.98). Moreover, you can also check out the rest of their products on their website. Also, read my top 5 hair care tips, here.

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